A blogging first

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I have never blogged before since I never felt I fit within a community of people who would find interest in the kinds of things I think about. Nowadays, however, I find myself wanting a place to put my work and thoughts to look back and see how I have grown as a person and as an academic.

Who am I, exactly?

Good question; who even am I? The short answer is that my name is Phillip Smith, a student at the University of Newcastle (UoN). The long story is that I am a person with many interests, skills, and conflicting wants regarding the direction I want to take into my own future.

I started out finishing school and doing a few different certifications in electrotechnology and animation. Eventually, however, I found myself drawn to the media production industry. I did a Cert IV at TAFE NSW in Film & Media and made it into UoN as a student in the BA Communications program. However, this didn’t last since I progressively felt more uncomfortable about the state of the media industry. I love sound production and was striving to be an audio engineer; however, I was not comfortable working in an industry where it is customary to proactively seek employment or operate as a freelancer.

With this in mind, I decided to make a change into a BA in Software Engineering (Honours) since I had been a hobbyist programmer for several years. I was at a level where I was competent enough to work as a junior developer, and so I found myself looking at my degree choice and questioning if it is the best option for me. I thought to myself that Computer Science is interesting, and I would acquire much more new knowledge in a degree such as that than I would in my current program choice. I was confident in my skills and wanted to make the most of my time at university.

So, I took one final leap: a double degree BA Mathematics / BA Computer Science.

I love topics such as AI and machine learning and would hate to have those kinds of avenues closed to me in the future due to not completing the appropriate degree. I most definitely am not regretting my choice. I have had a passion for mathematics for years, largely exposing myself to the varying fields by taking maths as a hobby; thus, the choice was clear. I need a degree to be employable, and a software engineering position is attainable with either a degree in Software Engineering or in Computer Science. The background in Mathematics will further my employability further, too.

So, here I am. It is now 2021, and I am more or less in the second year of my program. I still have another 4 years to go at my current pace, which doesn’t account for the possibility of higher educative studies.

One blog down!

Well, that was a kind of boring blog, huh? I look forward to posting more as I work on hobby projects in time. I may soon make some blogs looking at projects in retrospect, analysing my work and the project as a whole.

Thank you for making it this far. I am just another human being lost within their present, unknown about their future. I do hope you hang around to enjoy this adventure with me.