A New Website!

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Up until now, my site was hosted by WordPress. I had no issues with their service, but I fell for the concept of Jekyll static websites. So, I decided it was time to give it a go. It turns out that making your own website, even if all the complex work is done for you, is rather difficult. It isn’t necessarily more expensive or anything; it is just a lot more work. However, now I am able to have a dark-themed website, which saves my eyes being a night-owl. Plus, I am able to add more plugins, such as MathJax for $\LaTeX$! Now, math and such is significantly better looking and easier to write. However, giving up on WordPress has drawbacks, such as no pre-built objects for quick fancy effects.

This post is only short, and I really do want to make more soon!. I have been doing a bunch of crazy stuff at uni this semester, such as formal languages!

\[\begin{align*} L &= \left\{ w : w\in\left\{a, b\right\}^\ast \right\} \\ \therefore L &= \left\{\varepsilon, a, b, ab, ba, aab, bba, aba, bab, \dots \right\} \end{align*}\]